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The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

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Anthony and I took a quick trip to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon last weekend:

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We stayed in Wellsboro, a quaint town about 15 minutes from the Canyon. On Saturday morning, we took a stroll through the town and I was impressed by the diversity in housing design. The town itself has a couple of small hotels (no chains), several restaurants, and an smattering of artsy stores (as well as a few unimpressive looking clothing shops -- all boasting great sidewalk sales). We stayed at Penn Wells Hotel, which was built in 1869 and still possess a certain amount of charm from its rich history. Unfortunately, our room was not very comfortable or clean. The floor is slopes towards the hotel’s center and double bed (which I’ve never heard of in a hotel) seemed smaller than the one in our bedroom. The bathroom sink had two faucets that weren’t close enough together to allow the water to mix and the hot water was scalding. On the other hand, the shower had awesome water pressure and was definitely the highlight of my experience with Penn Wells.

The canyon was beautiful, as advertised. We enjoyed a (very steep) winding hike down the Turkey Path, which has several beautiful waterfalls. The bike path at the base of the canyon looks really excellent, but we didn’t bring the bikes because the forecast called for rain. The trail was home to more caterpillars that I have ever seen in one place. We sat on a bench by the river at the bottom of the trail and within minutes had them crawling all over us (and Anthony had the misfortune of sitting on two of them).

Unfortunately, I woke up with a sore throat Sunday morning, which developed into one of the nastiest sinus infections that I can remember (and sadly I get a lot of them). We stopped by the canyon for a few more pictures and then decided to head back home. The drive itself is really beautiful & overall I thought this was an adventure worth taking.

I’ll post some photos in a couple of days.

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01Kim said... / Jun 7, 2009 @ 07:10am

The photos are up!

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