"I'd give you my life, 'cause I don't own anything."
-Further Seems Forever


© Kimberly DiSante, 2003-2008

Words are Powerful, Please Handle with Discretion

So completely incomplete


I’m sleeping
I’m dreaming
and thinking about you

I’m waking
I’m wondering
and thinking about you

and I will sing (you?) the song of my heart
the one that you wrote when you left here
and I will sing the song of my life
filled with love and the lessons you taught

your eyes can’t see me anymore
but I still want to make you proud
my eyes don’t see you anymore
and i miss you.

I’m thinking -- wondering
what’s it like
where you’ve gone?

I’m dreaming -- waiting
can’t wait to
see you again

when will we see you again?

your eyes canít see me anymore
but I still want to make you proud
my eyes donít see you anymore
and i miss you.

Posted by Kim on at 08:48pm


01Mom2 said... / Oct 27, 2006 @ 06:54pm

Kim, an email reply....
lvu, Mom2

02Heidi said... / Nov 8, 2006 @ 12:49pm

your message is so sad and so beautiful.  it is beautiful because as i read it, i can sense the love and respect you have for your father and it is so sad because of your deep loss.  kim, i wonder if there are windows in heaven............

03Kim said... / Nov 8, 2006 @ 08:03pm

Thanks Mom2 & Heidi.

These words are very close to my heart; writing them was somewhat bitter sweet. Having the assurance that your loved one has gone to Heaven is such a wonderful blessing & yet the sudden loss on earth is so great. It seems as though the world should just stop, because such a vital piece of your life is gone.
I’m so thankful for my dad & for everything he shared with us here on earth. It’s just still so hard to fathom that he’s gone; I miss him so much.
Writing has been a good outlet for me for years. I always struggle with whether or not to post really personal things like this; it’s like putting a piece of your heart on-line for the world to see.
Thank you for your kind comments. I love you both and hope to see you soon.

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