"If i told you this was killing me, would you stop?"
-The Julianna Theory


© Kimberly DiSante, 2003-2008

Words are Powerful, Please Handle with Discretion

not temporary


If I could write you just one letter
It would start with apologies
for all the things I didn’t tell you
and many times we disagreed
but I know, you knew I loved you so
and you knew, I knew that you loved me too...

Missing you ’s not temporary
It’s with me when I wake each day
You’re a beacon that I carry
One that death can’t pry away
from my aching heart that weeps for you
but you know, you still bring me laughter, too.

Can you see me when I’m crying?
’Cause I heard heaven has no tears.
Can you see me when I’m trying
to do the things you’d have me do
’Cause to make you proud is still my goal
Even though, I know, you’ll never know.

Posted by kim on at 04:19pm

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