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A few days ago I was browsing the Mae website, when I noticed that they were playing in Pittsburgh last night. Anthony and I love Mae (we actually wanted the piano from "So Far Away," the second track on The Everglow cd played during the prelude to our wedding ceremony), so we decided to go check them out. The concert was at a small venue in Millvale called Mr. Smalls. It was awesome, because when we came in the door, we were about 15 feet left of center stage (and only a few feet back) so for the majority of the show, I could see really well. The band was phenomenal and I really enjoyed watching them perform.

There were only a few drawbacks:
1. Some kids started smoking a few rows in front of us midway through the concert; it seems so inconsiderate to light up during a concert (where everyone is packed so tightly). My eyes were burning so badly that I had to wait for Anthony outside the doors during the last song. Furthermore, the concert was only an hour long. If you can’t go without a cigarette for an hour, you’ve got a real problem.
2. Near the end of the show, a really tall guy stepped in front of me and I couldn’t see anything. My head literally didn’t clear this kid’s shoulder. Oh well! The music was still fantastic.

I just can’t get enough of Mae; if you haven’t heard their music, check them out:

Download / Stream
(Song: All Deliberate Speed, CD: Destination Beautiful)

Posted by Kim on at 10:45pm

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