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Sooooooo, we had a great weekend at the Allen residence! Travis and his girl, Megan, came home and were waiting up for us with mom on Friday night when we arrived. : ) Of course, Travis brought his little pug, Gomez, so the whole house was a three ring circus from 8am until midnight as he and Heidi chased one another around (actually, Gomez was usually dangling from Heidi’s mouth. Not that she picked him up and was dragging him... he actually would stick HIS mouth in hers at every opportunity).
Saturday afternoon, Anthony went home and Travis, Megan, and Dad set out for the mall so the guys could get fitted for their tuxes. Mom and I spent the day shopping and ironing out wedding details. We went to the reception hall and checked out the banquet tables so that we could design our centerpieces, then went to buy some supplies.
Anthony came back in the evening and we all went to Morgans (on Willow Rd and Cedar Crest Blvd in Allentown) for dinner. It was really good and the atmosphere was super nice, as well. It’s rare to find a restaurant that can properly cook a steak to order, but everyone who ordered steak -- that is, everyone but me, was really happy with their choice. I decided to go out on a limb and have pork roast marinated in molasses with spiced apple sauce (which was actually very good). My only complaint is that there were peppers mixed in with my applesauce.
After dinner on Saturday, Anthony and I watched the demo video from our videographer and briefly planned out our ceremony because we were meeting with the pastor this morning after church to discuss the order of events. Everything went smoothly and it really set both of our minds at ease. SO most of our planning is finished now, which is hugely exciting.
We also got to see Brian, Heidi, Cailin, and Erin at the service this morning, which was a real treat since we didn’t expect to run into them. : )
Anthony and I both took some sky pictures coming home today, because the sunset was amazing (I was driving, so he has a lot more photos...) If any of them are good, I’ll post them within the next couple of days.

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01Jess said... / Aug 22, 2005 @ 12:12am

You think that when you could walk to a nice restaurant like that you would, but even when it was Appenino’s I never went.  I did hear it was very nice.  Glad everything is going well and that all the plans are finished.  I’m so excited about coming back up there.  See you soon and miss you so much.

02kim said... / Aug 22, 2005 @ 03:26pm

I never went when it was Appenino’s either, though I did apply to work there one summer. It’s really charming inside; I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re home for a little while again. The inside is all stone with soft lighting; great ambience for an intimate date or a special family gathering. : ) It’s a little pricey, but the food is excellent and the service was really good, too.
Anthony posted his photos from the drive home. I’m so jealous that I was driving during most of the good photo opportunities... the sky was SO amazing last night. It’s actually really great today, too.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon, Jess. At least we know it won’t be another 8 years! Miss you.

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