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San Francisco, Part II

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It’s Tuesday already; where does time go when we’re on vacation? : )
We spent the day walking around San Francisco yesterday; we visited Pier 39 and watched the Sea Lions, ate ice cream at Ghirardelli Square, walked down Lombard Street hiked up to Coit Tower. We also stopped to check out lots of little shops on the way. The most interesting shop that we visited One of a Kind in Ghirardelli Square) featured a variety of wooden art. The store had everything from wooden boxes, to wooden masks, animal sculptures, purses, and chess boards.
All in all, we probably walked between 4 -5 miles and saw quite a bit of the city. Along the way, there were many great places to look out over the bay & see the bridges and Alcatraz.
Today we’re going to go back into the city & visit Alcatraz island. It’s our last full day of sightseeing, because I’m going to work out in Santa Clara tomorrow (and Anthony will be working here at the hotel).
Maybe one more post before we fly home on Thursday. : )

Posted by Kim on at 08:13am


01Mom2 said... / Nov 29, 2006 @ 07:08pm

Hey you all are having entirely too much fun out there on the left coast :)  Say hello to Travis and Megan for me and tell them that if they are traveling home for Christmas that they are also invited to dinner Christmas night.

I love browsing the links to the places you’ve journeyed.  Hope your Mom is also having as much fun.  Praying for safe travel home.  See you Saturday!

lvu xo

02Kim said... / Nov 29, 2006 @ 08:58pm

Hey mom2,

It has been fun; there are so many neat things to see and do out here. We wish we had a little more time, but we’re looking forward to getting home, too.
Unfortunately, Megan has to work the day after Christmas, so Travis and Megan aren’t coming home for the holidays. Thank you for the invite, though. I’ll tell them you said hello and extend the invitation just in case anything changes. : )

It was a long day today; I went down to Santa Clara to work (which was really cool). The traffic around here is crazy, so it took me about an hour and a half to get there and about the same to get home. I was gone for nearly 12 hours!

We’re heading out to the Golden Gate bridge to get some night-time shots of the city. : )

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Love you!

03Nikki said... / Dec 7, 2006 @ 01:04pm

Hey Kim!

How are things with you? Hope you are haing fun in California! Jess told me to leave you a message here since I have been trying to get ahold of you. I’m haveing a New Year’s Eve party and wanted to invite you and Anthony to it. Hope to see you soon! Love ya!


04Kim said... / Dec 7, 2006 @ 03:52pm

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for stopping in and saying hello. I’m sorry that I haven’t been in touch; I have been thinking about you a lot.  Please send me an e-mail using the Contact Page with your phone number and I’ll give you a call soon. Can I also have your e-mail and home addresses? Hope to talk to you soon! : )

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